ATL - The Education Union

Welcome to ATL's dedicated website for members and their families who wish to make an enquiry about pursuing a personal injury claim.

Morrish Solicitors LLP are appointed by ATL to provide legal services to members and their families.

Morrish Solicitors are specialist personal injury lawyers with a long history of providing quality legal services to many Trades Unions, Professional Associations and their members. For more information about Morrish Solicitors please visit

The personal injury service is free of charge (subject to the rules of the scheme) and caters for members and their families who have suffered injury, both in and outside of work. In order to submit an enquiry, simply complete the online registration form and you will be contacted directly by a Solicitor from Morrish Solicitors. Alternatively, you can telephone the ATL Injury Claims Line on 033 3344 9616.

For more information on the many services available to you as an ATL member please visit .

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